Northwest Old Boys Rugby
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Mission Statement:

It is our mission to strive for an atmosphere of camaraderie as well as a competitive level of play - providing for the continued enjoyment of the sport of Rugby for as long as we want to play... or are able to!

Club Officers:

President: Steve "Scout" Seiller
Vice President: Aaron Liard
Treasurer: Bruce Palmer
Fixture Secretary: Steve "Scout" Seiller
Field Secretary: TBD
Social Chair: TBD
Outreach Chair: TBD
At Large Member: Nate Bess - team gear and making sure nobody goes hungry after home games
At Large Member: Michael Marks - Groundskeeper #1
At Large Member: Tom Miller - communications and social networking
At Large Member: The Troll - Coach of Scoundry and Not-Taking-Things-Too-Seriously
Club Photographer: Crystal MacKenzie


  • Annual Club Dues are $175/year (August to July)
    • "Pay As You Go" Fee: $30/home game

  • CIPP Dues are in addition to Club Dues and must be paid in order for the club to maintain its association with the PANORU and to be eligible to play in Canada. Each club member is required to have CIPP dues paid.

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